Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

Child Endangerment

On December 23, 2015 Deputy Cody Harrell went to a residence on River Road with DCBS at their request. The social worker had originally  showed up to give the children gifts and just do a check of the home and the three juveniles. Upon arrival the social worker saw the parents of the children put the children in the car and leave in an attempt to avoid speaking with her. Deputy John Hill and Deputy Cody Harrell stopped the car on Red Bird Road. Deputy John Hill issued citations to the driver James Walker for: failure to wear seatbelts, too many passengers in vehicle, and failure to produce insurance card.

At the request of the social worker, Deputy Cody Harrell went back to the residence with the parents and the social worker. The house was in deplorable conditions. The house was infested with roaches and cat urine was present throughout the house. Deputy Harrell seen roaches crawling around boxed food and cooked food that was sitting on the stove. Roaches were seen throughout the house. While Deputy Harrell was looking through out the home roaches fell from the ceiling onto Deputy Harrell.

Deputy Cody Harrell arrested Deanne Walker, age 39 and James Walker, age 51 of River Road and charged them both with Endangering the welfare of a minor. The walker’s were lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center without incident. The children were taken in the custody of DCBS.

Drug Tip Line & Extra Patrol Requests

Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell is happy to share some big changes with the community to better serve the citizens of Whitley County.

The Sheriff’s Department now has a drug tip line, as well as a link on the website where citizens can provide drug tips. The drug tip line phone number is: 606-280-9115. Citizens who call this number will get an automated message where they may leave as much detailed information as possible. The information left will go directly to Narcotics Detective Derek Eubanks. If you wish to speak with Detective Eubanks to provide further information, please leave your name and number on the tip line and he will return your call.  Also, on the Sheriff’s Department website there is a link where you may report Drug Activity. Citizens may visit the website at: and click the blue link, “Report Drug Activity”. Remember, all this may be done anonymously! The submissions from our website go directly to Detective Eubanks also.

Sheriff Harrell hopes the new drug tip line and the new drug submission form will help citizens who wish to report drug crimes anonymously feel more comfortable in doing so. Drug tips from citizen often lead to arrests. Sheriff Harrell appreciates the community for taking a stand against drugs and helping his department with any information they may have concerning crimes in our community.

Also, on our website there is a new form “Extra Patrol Requests”. Citizens may submit this form if they wish to have extra deputy patrol in their neighborhood or if you plan to be out of town and would like deputies to patrol by your home during that time. Please provide as much detail as possible, along with anyone who would have permission to be at the home during the times you will be out of town.

Sheriff Harrell and his staff hopes this will be another way citizens can reach out to our department with drug tips and request extra patrols.

Drug Tip Line: 606-280-9115