Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

Around 5 a.m. January 23, 2016, the Whitley County Sheriff’s department was notified that the Woodbine area Dollar General Store burglar alarm was activated. The Corbin Police Department arrived at the scene first and found the store’s front door open. The officers then located Samuel Hatfield, 45, of the Rockholds community, in a nearby house. Hatfield was arrested after a short foot pursuit.

Further investigation revealed multiple store items at the home inside a Dollar General shopping cart, black garbage can and a small cooler. The store items are believed to be worth around $2,600. On Hatfield’s person were more store items, which were valued at over $60. The cost to repair the store’s outside electrical unit and other damages that are believed to have been caused by the use of a crowbar and hammer was estimated at over $13,000, according to the store manager.

Among the located property were items consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine. Precursors located included starter fluid, cold medicine and lithium batteries. When Hatfield was being booked into the Whitley County Detention Center, a deputy jailer found two small plastic bags on Hatfield’s person containing what’s believed to be meth.

Hatfield is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools, second-degree fleeting or evading police, unlawful possession of meth precursors, public intoxication, second-degree criminal trespass and first-degree promoting contraband.

Deputy Jonas Saunders is continuing the investigation. He was assisted by Corbin Police Officers Sawyers, Mitchell and Moore. Also assisting was Sergeant Kirk Mays and Deputy James Fox.

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