Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

On March 9, 2017, Sheriff Colan Harrell accepted a donation of over 70 hand-sewn stuffed toys from Women Helping Others (WHO) in Corbin. The toys were donated to help sheriff deputies provide comfort to children who are victims of abuse or being removed from an unsafe environment.

Sheriff Harrell also accepted on behalf of the department 100 bags so that affected children have something of quality in which to pack personal items before being relocated. Sadly, some children leave home with their belongings packed in nothing more than plastic bags.

“In a perfect world, toys wouldn’t need to be part of the tools we keep in our cruisers. But first responders are called upon to protect, calm and comfort. There’s no doubt this generous act of kindness will have a positive effect on the lives of children who really need to know someone cares about them. Thank you to Women Helping Others and also the Busy Bee Homemaker’s Club.” -Sheriff Colan J. Harrell