Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

Man armed with gun arrested

Around 5:30 p.m. December 10, 2017, the sheriff’s department responded to a Whetstone Road residence after receiving a report that a man was under the influence of methamphetamine and had threatened to kill a family member.

Deputy Jonas Saunders arrived and learned that Teddy Veach, 37, was in an outbuilding. Dep. Saunders was advised that Veach had a pistol and had fired a shotgun in the residence.

Chief Deputy Tim Baker, Dep. Jason Strunk and several Kentucky State Police Troopers responded. The effort to get Veach out of the outbuilding and into custody lasted for approximately 90 minutes.

Once arrested, a .38 caliber revolver was located in one of his pant pockets. On his person were assorted pills. Inside the residence was the shotgun used to threaten the family member. A wall inside the residence and a door to the outbuilding showed signs of being shot by a shotgun.

Veach is charged with first-degree possession of a controlled substance, third-degree possession of a controlled substance, first-degree wanton endangerment, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Sheriff Colan Harrell commends all law enforcement involved. “Anytime you can resolve a violent situation without force, you’ve gone above and beyond.”

Road rage results in a shot fired

Around 6:03 p.m. Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Deputy Brandon Prewitt was notified of an assault at the I-75 welcome center approximately one mile North of the Kentucky-Tennessee state line.

The victim, a semi truck driver, drove to the Pilot Travel Center in Williamsburg, where he told Dep. Prewitt that while traveling northbound in TN, he was engaged by a hostile driver. The victim said that when we exited at the rest area, the hostile driver confronted and physically assaulted him. The victim said the assailant “pistol whipped” him with a revolver, and the firearm discharged one round during the altercation.

The victim was not struck by the bullet, but the bullet did pass through the truck’s cab.
The assailant fled the scene in what’s believed to be a maroon Ford Taurus. He is described as a black male of light build and approximately 5’8″ tall. He had dreadlocks and the letter “L” tattooed on his neck. The style of the neck tattoo was compared to the monogram associated with University of Louisville.
Law enforcement agencies were advised to be on the lookout, and the public is asked to help identify this person. Anybody who witnessed the altercation or recognizes a person with the unique tattoo who was driving through TN and Whitley Co. on that date is encouraged to contact Whitley Co. E911 at (606) 549-6017.
*Holiday Travel Reminders*
The Holidays are a stressful time and involve a higher volume of traffic. Please consider the following:
-In Kentucky, the left lane is for overtaking (passing) slower moving traffic. Holding the left lane when you could safely return to the right lane can result in a ticket.
-Following too closely (tailgating) can result in a ticket.
-If you encounter a hostile driver, avoid eye contact and do not engage with them by returning obscene gestures. Unless they create a dangerous situation, simply ignore them; you’ll probably never see them again. If they do create a danger, call 911.