Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

In 2017 deputies responded to 12,860 documented* calls for service. Below is an analysis of those calls.

“There are days that deputies don’t get lunch or dinner. I am proud of them and their service to our community, and I appreciate them. These numbers show how active the department is but also show the variety of calls. Please take a moment to offer a few words of appreciation and support to your Whitley County sheriff deputies.” – Sheriff Colan J. Harrell

Safety Concerns:
-345 DUI complaints
-255 responses to activated Security Alarms
-187 requests for Extra Patrol
-287 reports of Suspicious Persons
-193 requests for Welfare Checks (responding to concerns that a person is unresponsive or in danger)

Drug Activity complaints: 164

Violent Crimes:
-156 Assault investigation
-248 Domestic Assault investigations
-1 Rape investigation
-2 Robbery investigations (use or threat of force to commit theft)

Theft & Burglary: 418 (Note: Theft is unlawful taking, and burglary involves the unlawful entering of a structure)

Medical Assistance and Suicide / Mental Concerns: 213 / 107

Civil Papers and Warrants Service: 1,239

-446 Investigations
-518 Disturbance complaints
-155 Motorist Assist (helping drivers whose vehicles are not operable)
-111 Juvenile-related complaints
-98 Motor Vehicle Escorts

*Not all requests for service are documented; some requests are phoned into the sheriff’s office instead of Whitley County E911 or made in person.