Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

Deputy Brandon Prewitt is recovering from an encounter with what’s believed to be heroin and an unknown substance.

On March 8, 2018, Dep. Prewitt responded to the rest area along I-75, where a concerned citizen called to report a man and a woman who appeared under the influence. Upon arrival, Dep. Prewitt observed a male slumped over the wheel and a female unresponsive in the passenger seat. A needle was in plain view.

Dep. Prewitt retrieved the needle, which contained a brown liquid. While doing so,  some of the liquid made contact with his gloves. While continuing his investigation, Dep. Prewitt began feeling a burning sensation at the location where the liquid landed on his gloves.

Dep. Prewitt continued his investigation. The male driver, once awakened, showed signs of intoxication and could not complete field sobriety tests. Next, the female was awakened and also could not complete field sobriety tests.

A search of the vehicle revealed four small bags containing a substance believed to be heroin. Another bag contained a crystal-like substance believed to be “ice” crystal methamphetamine. Also located were more needles.

Dep. Prewitt arrested Megan Sayne, 25, of Knoxville, Tennessee and Patrick Kenny, 36, of Lenoir City, TN. Both were charged with first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin), first-degree possession of a controlled substance (meth), public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia. They were lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center.

After transferring the two into the custody of the detention center, Dep. Prewitt sought medical aid at a local hospital. Pending tests will provide further information as to what caused Dep. Prewitt’s injuries. Despite lingering side effects, the sheriff’s department is thankful he was able to return home to his family.

The sheriff’s department is continuing the investigation and asks the public to please keep Dep. Prewitt, his family and all public safety employees in your thoughts or prayers while this nationwide threat continues to spread.