Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

The sheriff’s department reports that more than one burglary may have occurred around May 28, 2018 along US Hwy 25 between I-75 exits 15 in Williamsburg and 25 in Corbin.

The sheriff’s department asked on May 19 that anybody in the area who recently experienced a burglary please contact Whitley County E911 following arrests on I-75. In addition to the vehicle being stolen, it contained numerous household items believed to be stolen.

Around 8 p.m. May 23, a resident who lives along Hwy 25 near the Hwy 90 intersection called Whitley Co. E911 to report a burglary. She had been out of town and upon returning home discovered items missing. She was able to provide serial numbers for several items seized during the May 19 arrest.

The victim said other items seized from the car were not hers.

The persons arrested on May 19, Charles B. Smith and Hannah N. Roberts, both of Knoxville, now face additional charges of receiving stolen property and second degree criminal mischief.

Smith originally provided Dep. Hensley a false name. After his true identity was confirmed, Dep. Hensley learned Smith is wanted for arrest on Tennessee warrants for aggravated burglary and auto theft.

Anybody who believes they may be victims of burglary around May 19 may contact Whitley Co. E911 at (606) 549-6017. Before speaking to the investigating deputy, Dep. Hensley, they should have identifying information such as serial numbers or be prepared to describe in detail what item(s) may have been taken.