Press Release

Whitley County Sheriff Dept.

Gun theft leads to meth bust at motel

Around 3 a.m. February 18, 2017, K9 Deputy Brian Hensley responded to a report of a stolen handgun at a Hwy 25S residence. The homeowner stated that he allowed a female into his home because she claimed to have been beaten by her boyfriend and was seeking a place to spend the night. According to the homeowner, the woman followed him into a bedroom and stated that she was a prostitute. He said that when he declined her advance, she left. After she left, he noticed a nightstand drawer was open and a .38 caliber revolver was missing.
The man could not name the female but provided Dep. Hensley with a physical description. On Feb. 19, Williamsburg Police Officer Cody Jeffries contacted Dep. Hensley regarding a woman matching the description of the gun thief. Dep. Hensley located her at the Budget Inn Motel.
The 39-year-old female showed signs of injury. She admitted to stealing the handgun but said she had sold it.
Dep. Hensley and Officer Jeffries went to another motel room, where they made contact with Travis Partin, 34, of Jellico. During a search of the room, approximately eight grams of methamphetamine were found hidden under the bathroom sink. Several needles were found hidden in the toilet tank. A .22 caliber Colt Peacemaker revolver was found hidden in the motel wall. Partin denied that the items were his and stated that they all belonged to the female.
The female was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment due to her injuries. Partin was arrested and is charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, first-degree possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center.
Dep. Hensley is continuing the investigation.

Drug Arrest on Mosley Branch

On 01-16-2017 around 9:30 P.M. Deputy James Tabor and K-9 Deputy Brian Hensley located a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle on a side road off of Mosley Branch in the Woodbine community stuck in a mud hole. Located in the vehicle were Walter Jones, 46 of Corbin and Conda Jones, 49 of Jellico Tn.

Upon investigation, Deputies determined that both subjects were under the influence of an intoxicating substance and was asked to exit the vehicle. Once both Walter and Conda Jones exited the vehicle, they both seemed to be very tense and hyper. Walter Jones who was in the driver seat of the vehicle admitted that he had gotten the vehicle stuck and was attempting to get it out when the deputies located them. Deputies also located a straw used to smoke meth lying in the passenger floor board were Conda Jones was sitting. Located in the pocket of Conda Jones was two pieces of aluminum foil and three plastic baggies with a white crystal substance inside of them believed to be methamphetamine.

Deputy Tabor arrested Walter Jones and took him to BRMC to have blood drawn for the DUI and Deputy Hensley arrested Conda Jones for the Methamphetamine.

While Deputy Hensley was en route to Whitley County Detention Center, he noticed a male subject walking in the roadway just before Browns Creek Road. Deputy Hensley made contact with Trenton Lawson, 19 of Rockholds who appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Upon investigation, it was determined that Trenton Lawson was under the influence of Marijuana and Suboxon. Located in Trenton Lawson’s pocket was three needles, one of them being a used needle.

Walter Jones was arrested for Operating a motor vehicle under the influence, no operators license, no insurance, and failure to register vehicle.

Conda Jones was arrested for Public intoxication, Possession of controlled substance 1st degree methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and prescription of controlled substance not in original container.

Trenton Lawson was arrested for Public intoxication, and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Foot Pursuit leads to Felony Arrest and Drug Possession.

On 01-10-2017 around 10:30 PM, K-9 Deputy Brian Hensley and Deputy Jonas Saunders responded to 206 Henry Barton Road to Execute a felony warrant on a Ryan P. Mason 26 0f Williamsburg. Once deputies entered the residence, Ryan Mason ran to the back bathroom and locked himself inside. As Deputies reached the bathroom, they could hear Ryan Mason jumping out the window in an attempt to flee from them. Both Deputies ran outside of the residence and proceeded to chase Ryan Mason down the road to where the caught up with him behind the neighbors residence. Ryan Mason then started kicking at the deputies and trying to get away, but the deputies were able to restrain him and effectively make the arrest. Upon searching Ryan Mason, Deputies located a metal container that contained a small orange pill believed to be Suboxon.

Ryan Mason was charged with Fleeing or Evading Police on Foot 2nd degree, Resisting Arrest, Possession Controlled Substance 3rd, Prescription Controlled Substance not in Proper Container, and a Felony Circuit Warrant for Failure to Appear.

Arrest made in elder abuse investigation

On December 27, 2016, Whitley County EMS transported a 77-year-old man from his Craig Road residence to Baptist Health Corbin. Blood tests did not indicate the presence of his prescription medication in his system. Family of the man, eventually determined to be a victim, told doctors that a caregiver lived with the victim and was responsible for giving the victim his medication. Doctors contacted Whitley Co. E911 and requested law enforcement retrieve the victim’s medication from the home and investigate the matter.

K-9 Deputy Brian Hensley went to the Craig Road residence and made contact with the reported caregiver, 59-year-old Jessie Collins. Dep. Hensley retrieved some medication and was told by Collins that the victim had refused to take his medication. Dep. Hensley delivered the medication to the hospital and spoke to the victim’s family. They expressed concern about his health and believed medication was missing, including his pain medication. Due to the victim’s condition at the time, Dep. Hensley was not able to speak with him.

The next day, Dec. 28, Dep. Hensley was dispatched to the same Craig Rd. residence after Collins called 911 with a prowler complaint. When Dep. Hensley arrived, Collins appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Collins complained the victim’s family had been harassing her. Dep. Hensley checked a building near the residence and noticed it had been broken into and ransacked.

Dep. Hensley contacted the victim’s family and asked them to retrieve the property before it could be stolen. While the family was present, the victim’s son asked Collins where his father’s Loratabs were. Collins first stated that doctors at a Lexington hospital did not send the medication back with the victim.

Dep. Hensley then asked Collins about her medication. She provided Dep. Hensley with two pill bottles and named two medications. When Dep. Hensley opened the bottles, he found mixed medication. Collins first stated that her sister had given her the medication. Dep. Hensley counted out 65 Loratabs and stated that he would determine if the medication had come from the sister. Collins then stated that the victim had placed the Loratabs in the bottle. In her purse, Dep. Hensley located half of what’s believed to be Percocet, 11 and a half pills believed to be Diazepam’s and three Dexamethason.

Collins was arrested for knowingly abuse/neglect of an adult by another person, theft of a controlled substance, two counts of first-degree possession of a controlled substance, third-degree possession of controlled substance and illegal possession of a legend drug. Dep. Hensley is continuing the investigation due to the break in of the building and possible items taken from it located in Ms. Collins purse.

Dep. Hensley was that the victim is in the care of his family and doing better now that he is receiving the proper medication.


Marijuana Bust on Lot Depot Road

Sheriff Colan Harrell reports that on 10-11-2016, K9-Deputy Brian Hensley, Deputy Jonas Saunders, and Deputy James Fox responded to 127 Lot Depot Road in reference to a complaint of the trafficking in narcotics.

Once the Deputies arrived at the location, two subjects took off running from them on foot toward a wooded area next to the residence. A female named Regina Raney,40 of Williamsburg was apprehended quickly before making it into the woods and her husband Carl Raney, 46 of Williamsburg was caught shortly after that in the woods. Both Regina Raney and Carl Raney were charged with Public Intoxication and Fleeing or Evading Police 2nd degree on foot.

The Deputies then made contact with the home owner and several other people inside the residence, including Billy Wilde, 31 of 127 Lot Depot Road Williamsburg Ky. and were given consent to search the residence. While Deputy Saunders was searching Billy Wilde’s bedroom, a cooler was located that contained multiple baggies of Marijuana packaged for sale. When Deputies questioned Billy Wilde about the Marijuana, he stated that he was trying to make some extra money. Also located in Billy Wilde’s bedroom was a pill container that had one half of a pill in it. Billy Wilde was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance 3rd degree, Possession of Marijuana, Trafficking in Marijuana (felony), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.